Here’s the deal, fandom people.

Laws against same-sex marriage affect actual same-sex couples.  These laws do not affect your favorite same-sex couples involving fictional characters.

The only thing that determines if, for example, Dumbledore can marry Grindelwald is whether JK Rowling feels like jotting it down.  “Dumbledore waved his magic wand,” she could write, “and all the governments of the world suddenly ratified marriage equality, and Harry Potter very much enjoyed the cake at the reception afterwards.”  I realize Rowling would probably not write this, but the power is still hers to exercise, irrespective of real-world laws.

Or, y’know, you could write fanfiction.  I mean, I’m pretty sure Dean and Castiel aren’t even in love on that TV show, but you used fanfic to change that.  You can just as easily strike down DOMA and Prop 8 in your headcanon.  So those guys don’t need the Supreme Court to do shit, they’re already fine.  (Unless Dean is a mer-man in your fanfic and Castiel can’t figure out how to consummate the marriage, then I guess they’re not doing so hot.  But they can still get married.)

The point I’m making is that the rights of fictional characters are somewhat trivial.  So when you make a real-world civil rights issue about those characters, you’re kind of trivializing the issue. 

Take the sign in the first picture above, which essentially makes the following points:

  1. I am a fangirl, which is very important.
  2. My fandom is The New Normal.
  3. My OTPs are Bravid and Klaine.
  4. They are “my gays.”
  5. I would like my gays to be permitted to marry.
  6. Also perhaps other gay people in general, kthx.

That’s the message you send when you bring your fandom with you to a civil rights rally: “I care about my fandom so much that I will talk about my fandom while demonstrating for an issue that would be important to my favorite characters, if they existed.”

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s great that your fandoms have inspired you to campaign for social justice.  But when it comes to how you campaign, maybe you should be asking yourself what your favorite characters would do, instead of telling everyone who your favorite characters are.

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