Anonymous asked: Do you think with Thunderbolts NOW ending they might bringing back the, y'know, REAL Thunderbolts? Or just relaunch the same ol' bag of shit again (probably with a black character added this time around because they love their pretense of diversity)?


I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for someone to pooh-pooh Marvel’s attempts to improve diversity in its comics. The recent announcements about Sam Wilson and Thor stem from a larger trend that includes making Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, introducing characters like Kamala, Miles, and Robbie Reyes, and building teams like the Mighty Avengers (who are all POC). Things appear to be changing, and I am completely onboard with that.

Are they perfect? Of course not. For one, Marvel could certainly afford to hire ACTUAL PEOPLE OF COLOR instead of handing stories about black and Latino characters to white writers and artists (this is how we got Luke Cage’s infamous ‘Sweet Christmas!’). And there are plenty of characters that could stand to be revamped or retired because their schticks are more than a little problematic (I’m looking at you, Snowbird).

But I completely prefer Marvel’s approach over DC’s, which has been to doggedly chase the status quo and double down in the face of public critique. I haven’t seen anything from DC that makes me think they’ve changed the editorial attitude expressed at SDCC 2011, when Kyrakz questioned the lack of women in the new 52 titles being debuted and was met with derision and hostility from the panelists.

As to your actual question, I’d really like to hope that we will be able to put the past behind us and treat the Redbolts the way we treat the Fightbolts, which is (say it with me):

Rule number one, you do not talk about Fightbolts.

Rule number two, you do not talk about Fightbolts.

Yeah, I’m all for bringing back “the REAL Thunderbolts,” but I don’t see how that’s mutually exclusive with “adding a black character.”  They can do both.  They have done both.
I appreciate anon’s concern that the next relaunch will be a calculated cash grab, with no consideration of the spirit of the original T-bolts.  But the diversity of the team is a completely separate issue.


thetallmancometh asked: So yeah, more Thunderbolts ideas please ...

As you wish!

Satana is still on the loose, but she also still wears the charm that Doctor Strange used to bind her to the Thunderbolts.  So there are limits to how much wickedness she can get up to…or at least, the way she goes about it.

The charm prevents Satana from doing anything inconsistent with the spirit of the Thunderbolts.  What that means isn’t necessarily clear, but she can’t just go around devouring the souls of sinners.  She can, however, give evildoers a second chance…at a price.

Satana resurrects men and women whose souls have been in lingering in various purgatories: Victoria Hand, Andrea and Andreas Strucker, Daken, Valerie Barnhardt, and Genis-Vell.  All of them have to atone for crimes of one sort or another.  They can achieve that atonement more easily in the land of the living. 

By giving them that opportunity, Satana satisfies the conditions of her charm, giving her room to impose her own sadistic terms.  As the undead Thunderbolts seek clemency, she will tempt them to evil.  Those who fail to resist will forfeit their immortal souls to her unholy appetite.

The challenge, then, is to either walk the straight and narrow path or find some cheat to get out of this infernal game.  Of course, attempting to outwit Satana might in itself play into her hands, so that’s a risky proposition.  And then again, perhaps there is nothing so wrong with surrendering to the devil’s daughter, and all the unimaginable delights that damnation can buy.

As this perversion of redemption plays out, a lone figure watches, waiting for the right time to intervene.  He is no one special, just…a friend.


Things Odo should have done in DS9.

Don’t take this too seriously. It’s just a bit of fun!

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The new season of Free! looks amazing



It’s a good thing Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out of theaters…



It’s a good thing Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out of theaters…

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nobodysuspectsthebutterfly asked: You said you had multiple ideas for a Thunderbolts relaunch. I liked that Moonstone one you did, but I'd like to see another one too.

Yes, I’m gonna keep doing these as long as I am asked.  This is not a game!

Now that the Red Hulk’s team have shut down, the Avengers and SHIELD have realized what a colossal pain in the ass the Thunderbolts are.  Not any specific roster or agenda, but the idea of the Thunderbolts—that any ragtag bunch of yahoos can form a team and accomplish whatever they want.

This wasn’t a problem when the government controlled the Thunderbolts, via the supervillain rehabilitation program run by Norman Osborn and Luke Cage.  So the program is revived, and since Luke isn’t interested they appoint Clint Barton to manage it.

Hawkeye’s got some nostalgia for his time with the T-bolts, and he expects to recapture some of that old magic.  He gets shut down right away, though, when Dallas Riordan (head of the Federal Advisory Committee to the Thunderbolts) tells him his recruits have been selected for him.  He gets stuck with Mystique, Carnage, the Leader, Purple Man, and Crossbones.  It is a terrible team—chosen to keep them out of everyone else’s hair, not because they have any potential—and Clint knows it.

Putting all these combustible elements together is dangerous.  Individually they might just kill hundreds, but together they’ll come up with a way to escape and become an even greater threat.  It’s not like Clint can call in the Avengers to kick their asses and put ‘em in jail—that’s how they got put on the team!  All he can do, then, is covertly create a second team to fix this outside the law…a team of secret Thunderbolts.

As Hawkeye is kept busy directing his suicide squad, he steals away time to find allies—people he can trust (Songbird, Mach-VII), or at least people who can be convinced to help (Yelena Belova, Tom Foster, Cody Twain).  Not all of them are available.  Fortunately, as the government’s T-bolts carry out their missions, Hawkeye encounters supervillains that have potential.  The feds have had these targets under a microscope, and have written them off as irredeemable…but Clint sees better from a distance.


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Distracting the guard in order to escape.

Aside from Talas just generally being awesome, one thing I love about this scene is how it differs from similar scenes in other shows.

Usually (not always, but more often, I think) in TV shows, when characters make an escape plan like this, it seems to go along the lines of:

  • female character: Distracts the guard
  • male character: Beats up the guard
  • both: Escape

But in this scene it goes like this:

  • Talas: Distracts the guard and beats him up
  • Shran: Gets punched in the face. Does nothing useful whatsoever.
  • both: Escape

Furthermore, he seems quite satisfied for his girlfriend to take the leading role in this escape plan; he’s not surprised by her strength and her fighting skill and she doesn’t need to prove herself. It’s neither unusual for a female to lead an attack, nor is it a threat to his masculinity. There seems to be a complete equality here that is so normal to the characters that they don’t even note it or comment on it. This is one of the things I love about both Andorians, and Enterprise in general.

Star Trek Enterprise: Babel One.







I’d like to think he just put his thumb on her forehead and went “BING!  Oh, baby, that was incredible…”

I’d like to think that, but I know better.

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junecovington replied to your post:
i doooooo i do give me the version that is most specific to my interests :D

All right, so this is my first idea for what the next relaunch of Thunderbolts should be about.  Send me an ask or something if you want a different one; I could do this all week.

Karla Sofen is living the high life in the Bahamas, with Ragnarok (a naive clone of  Thor) as her 295-pound cabana boy.  She finally has what she wants—or at least she tells herself that.  But her talents are going to waste swindling people out of small fortunes.  She needs to do something better with her life.  But she decides to just do something bigger.

She creates the Norbert Ebersol Foundation, which she ~tearfully~ explains is named for her ~dear friend~ and teammate who sacrificed his life so that people like her could ~earn redemption~!  After buying some swank office space in downtown Miami, she gets to work recruiting ~poor, misguided ex-cons~ who deserve a ~second chance~ in the all-new, ~totally sincere~ Thunderbolts.

For the first time, Moonstone can run this team the way she wants, without Baron Zemo or Songbird giving her guff.  She selects T-bolts she believes she can control (like the Grey Gargoyle, Poundcakes, and Atlas) as well as “diversity hires” calculated to win goodwill from the public (Slyde, Gypsy Moth, that one Machete who’s a woman).  The idea is to make it look like the team is reforming through community service, while they are in fact doing whatever lines Karla’s pockets and keeps them her out of trouble.

Of course, the main reason Karla never led the T-bolts for very long is because she sucks at it.  Her grip on the team isn’t as tight as she thinks, and some of them genuinely want the redemption she’s only pretending to offer.  Some of their sloppier capers attract attention from the likes of Hawkeye and other concerned parties.  The Kingpin makes a bid to buy out the entire business.  The whole operation is always on the verge of blowing up in Karla’s face, but somehow it becomes more than the sum of its parts.

junecovington replied to your post:
ARE WE GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS i almost just made a post about this tl;dr i enjoy acker & blacker and hope they get another comic tbh but /god yes the tbolts title is free/

Fuck yeah we’re gonna talk about this a lot!

I’m trying to think of stuff I’d like to see in Thunderbolts vol. 3, so if anybody wants to hear about that just hit me up.  I’ll see if I can come up with a completely different answer each time I am asked about it.


theangelshavetheearhat asked: Don't read Thunderbolts so: why all the rejoicing? Did Acker and Blacker seriously do wrong by those characters? (Also, Hawkeye is ending too. Ultimate sadness.)

I hadn’t heard about Hawkeye, but I always figured it would build to an ending, so I can live with that.

The thing with Thunderbolts is that I strongly disagree with the decision to relaunch it as a comic about Red Hulk and co.  It has nothing to do with Acker and Blacker; I’ve been complaining about this for a couple of years now.  I’m hoping the cancellation will lead to a relaunch that is closer to what I think Thunderbolts ought to be about.

I wrote a post recently about what I think makes T-bolts work, so I won’t get too deep into that here.  What matters is that Redbolts went in a completely different direction, to the point that I found it unrecognizable.  I mean, yeah, it’s a team of assholes breaking the rules, but that’s not good enough.  It’s like tuning into Orange is the New Black and finding whole show has been replaced with the cast of Oz—you’ve retained the most basic premise while completely missing the point. 

That’s not to say Redbolts is a bad comic, but it’s not a comic I would want to read.  And unfortunately, the comic I do want to read can’t ever come back until Redbolts is gone.  So that’s why I’m in the strange position of rooting for someone else’s favorite comic to get cancelled.


Anonymous asked: Redbolts is cancelled!



• The Punisher vs. the Thunderbolts – FINAL CHAPTER

• Will the Thunderbolts prove to be the complete failure Punisher believes them to be?

• This final issue of the series will reveal all.